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Ichimoku with I-XO-A-H

I-XO-A-H and Gann sq9

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Ichimoku with I-XO-A_H is a trend following strategy filtered also by Gann support and resistence. The purpose of this strategy is trade in the direction of the trend agree
with Ichimoku and bounce on a support or resistance line.


Time Frame 5 min or higher.

Currency pairs: any,

You can apply this strategy also with renk chart box size 3 pips or higher.


Metatrader Indicators:

Gann sq9 default setting,

Ichimoku (19, 39 , 509,

I-XO-A-H 34 period,

Renko indicator.


Trading rules

Trades only in the direction of the trend.

Trend up price above Ichimoku.

Trend down price below Ichimoku.


Price above ichimoku.

Gann support

I-XO-A-H 34 green bar.



Price below ichimoku.

Gann resistance

I-XO-A-H 34 gray bar.


Exit position at the next Gann level of
resistance or support.


Place initial stop loss at the next swing high/low.

In the pictures Ichimoku with I-XO-A-H in action.

Ichimoku with I-XO-A-H
Ichimoku with I-XO-A-H

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