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112# ADX indicator with slow MACD Trading System

Trading with ADX and MACD


Submit by Yves 17/10/2013


The ’’ADX indicator with slow MACD Trading
, is mainly designed for day

trading the 1 Hour chart. But it could also be used for swing –

weekly – trading the 4 hour chart.

It works with all currency pairs and in all – normal – market

conditions. We all know that price moves in Trends or




We are going to trade in the direction of the trend and stay out

of the market when it’s moving in sideways.

To do that, we are going to use 2 indicators.

A – MACD indicator :

Fast EMA : 25

Slow EMA : 99


B – ADX indicator :

Period 18.

Levels : 20 – 25 – 40.



System Rules

Sell Signal :

A – On 4 Hour Chart AND 1 Hour Chart

1 – MACD bars below 0 line.

2 – Main ADX line above 25 line.

3 – Red ADX line is above Blue ADX line.


B – On 1 Hour Chart

Wait until the ADX blue line becomes above red line. Once that

happens you can close the sell trade.

ADX indicator with slow MACD Trading System

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